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Our Solutions

Make ticket sales easier, online and offline. With Fancee Ticketing, you will always be in control of your ticket sales. With your own dashboard displaying real-time statistics and a unique wallet where all ticket proceeds are collected and can be paid out whenever desired (even daily). With a proven track record in ticket sales, Fancee Ticketing will contribute to a reliable and easier ticketing process.

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Our Solutions

Unleash the power of Fancee Data, our advanced analytics platform designed specifically for event organizers. All your media channels in one powerful dashboard. Dive deep into your audience’s preferences, behaviors, and demographics to make informed decisions and elevate your event experience. 

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Our Solutions

With our community-building app, you can create a unique experience by offering personalized and engaging content for your target audience. This way, you can build your own fanbase. Connect, entice, and sell throughout the year.

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Happy Clients


For our biggest event, the FunX Music Awards show in Amsterdam, which we also broadcast live on radio, tv and online, we only work with partners we can trust (and for a reasonable price). And Tibbaa / Fancee has proven to be that partner for many years. They come up with answers and solutions when we have questions. And we can reach them, when we need to.

Reinout van Gendt Events Director
Voice Events

Fancee always gives us that feeling of calmth and professionalism in the chaotic event scene. So getting organized and managing our events with their user-friendly tools is very important to us!

Jorge da Veiga Event expert & CEO
Elixir Open Air

I would like to take a moment to highlight the excellent service and professional support you provide! You are available 24/7 with assistance whenever needed, for which I have nothing but respect and immense gratitude!

Jeffrey Hindrickx Event Organizor

 We switched to Fancee with OP DRAVE in the summer of 2022 and we are not only very pleased with how easy the product is to use, but especially with the good service that we also receive. These short and personal lines ensure an enormous added value!

Joeri Heeling Founder
The Cuckoo’s Nest

The ticket sales system works perfectly, but more importantly: the organization behind Fancee is always open for feedback and discussion about improving the product. The biggest benefit in our opinion is the collection of data of potential customers, which Fancee improves on in comparison to other ticket providers. 

Mr. Belt and Wezol Founders

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Facts & Figures

Going out is the most popular free time activity
We are in 7 countries
51% Of the party
crowd is male
24% Of the party crowd visits a club/
discotheque every week
The average age of festival visitors is 28 years
More than 5 million tickets sold

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Our experienced Fancee team is ready to help you. At Fancee, we understand better than anyone else what is currently happening in the market. That is why we are happy to think along with you when it comes to using the right tools for your event.