Choose the plan that best suits your event.


Perfect for a small event or to try out our platform
0,99per ticket

What is included;
  • 0 < 2500 tickets a year
  • Self service
  • Ticketshop in own designs
  • Detailed sales guides
  • Sales and scan-app
  • Guest list tickets for € 0, 20 per ticket
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Do you really want something custom? Then we’ll arrange that.

Everything Medium + >
  • 5000+ tickets a year
  • Customized prices
  • Support 24/7
  • Request own features
  • Integration in own website
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Choose 3 communication channels and link them to our dashboard.


Perfect for an organisazor to try out our platform.
99,-per month

What is included;
  • Link 3 social channels
  • Clear dashboard
  • Detailed statistics
  • Built valuable customer profiles
  • Integration with platforms like TicketSwap and Mailchimp.
  • Can be expanded with more social channels for € 49,- per channel
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Create your own community app.


The community app can be put together yourself and expanded with various features.

What is included;
  • App setup in own corporate identity
  • Plug & Play
  • Choose from various features
  • Ticketing integration
  • Push notifications
  • Social wall & newsfeed
  • Locatie intelligentie
  • Insight in customer profiles
  • Clear dashboard
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