Increase your brand value with your own community app

Stay connected with your users all year round, turn their data into valuable profiles, and increase your revenues. 

Check out our key features

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Events & Ticketing

  • Always have a detailed overview of your events.
  • A convenient upsell channel by adding extra products.
  • Direct ticket sales through the integration of the Fancee ticketing shop.
  • Extra ticket sales options through events with an external web link. This way, external parties can always add their event including ticket sales to your app.

Keep everything organized in one calendar

  • Always have a clear overview of all your planned events and the associated event page.
  • Create extra ticket sales opportunities with link events using an external web link. This way, external parties can easily add their event including ticket sales to your app.
  • Experience the ability to highlight special or sponsored events for extra visibility with a banner carousel.

Push notifications

  • Attract your users’ attention with push notifications.
  • Personalize your messages ranging from images to content.
  • This is a useful marketing tool that helps you provide information, upsell, and also acts as a lead generator.

Enhance your app with gaming elements 

Did you know you can add gaming elements to your personal app? Gamification is a simple and fun way to get your users interactively engaged with your app. Think of a swipe game or a scan & win.

  • Easily build user profiles. This gives you immediate insight into the wishes, behavior and interests of your users.
  • Everybody wins. The reward system ensures returning users.
  • Create more user engagement with your brand and products.
  • Increase your income through various advertising opportunities.
  • Use scan & win as a turnkey marketing tool.

Sponsors & Brand activation

Partnering with sponsors or other brands is a convenient way to generate extra income. Don’t be mistaken, your sponsors are often looking for creative ways to use their marketing. For example, offer in-app visibility through ads and banners or via push notifications. This way, you can make your investment back together and it won’t cost you any extra money.


App users can ‘claim’ a voucher for a deal for loyalty points. This voucher can then be used on location or online by using a discount code.

Interactive homepage

  • Create an interactive homepage with diverse content tailored to your brand and event. From uploading videos and photos to (news) messages and more.
  • Offer segmented and personal content based on account status, interest, and user profile.
  • Experience the smart communication tool for direct and personal marketing.
  • Connect, chat, and respond. Make your interactive homepage a community.. 

Take your digital interaction with your users to the next level

Your users and sponsors are responsible for your income, so it’s even more important to exceed their expectations. Increase your engagement with our software and turn your loyal fans into ambassadors.