Find the right match between your user and product

This way you reach your target audience and make data driven decisions easily.

Enrich your database and user profiles

With analytics, we make it possible to show the statistics and results of all your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok, Youtube and Spotify in one overview.

By separating relevant data from irrelevant data, we can help you to, so to speak, listen to your followers.

The analytics dashboard shows the latest trends, shows which content scores well, what else your users follow and keeps an eye on your competitors. In this way, we scan profiles that are accessible or have given permission through opt-in and build customer profiles, as we learn more about your users. In this way, you get insight into where your potential target audience can be easily reached, what they want to hear and what form of communication works.

Your dashboard; everything you need conveniently in one place

All you have to do is connect your communication channels and the BI Tool will automatically fill and enrich your database with all the data that can be extracted at that moment. The BI tool recognizes touchpoints with the same profiles and spots similarities in both the contact information and social profiles of your potential users. This data is then saved in detailed user profiles along with page likes and preferences.

By segmenting your data, you not only reach your target audience easier, but also for a fraction of your original marketing budget.

LEt’s team up!

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