Free Ticketing

Are you a non-profit organization or organizing free events? Empower your cause with Fancee’s free ticketing solution.

Our Free Ticketing Features

Fancee offers a user-friendly and customizable free ticketing solution specifically designed to meet the needs of non-profit organizations and for-profit organizations hosting free events. Our platform provides easy registration, ticket distribution, and comprehensive event management tools.

Event promotions

Utilize our platform’s built-in tools to promote your free events through various channels, including social media and email marketing.

data collection

Access valuable data collection and analytics tools to better understand your audience and improve your future events.


Fancee allows you to tailor your ticketing solution to your organization’s unique requirements, whether you’re planning one-time events or recurring gatherings.

Empowering Non-Profits with Fancee’s Free Ticketing Solution

At Fancee, we believe in the power of events to drive positive change. We understand the budget constraints and financial limitations that non-profit organizations often face. That’s why we’re committed to helping you make a meaningful impact by offering free ticketing solutions for your events.

By choosing Fancee’s free ticketing solution, you can maximize the success of your non-profit events and further your mission. We’re here to support your cause and help you make a positive impact in your community.

Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more about how Fancee can empower your non-profit through free ticketing solutions (up to 250 tickets per event). Together, we can create a brighter and more inclusive future for your organization’s mission!

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looking for a hassle free registration tool?

Are you organizing free events and struggling with complex registration processes? Look no further! Fancee provides an advanced registration tool that allows you to effortlessly invite and register attendees, customers, or employees to your event, providing you with immediate insight into all registrations. You can scan attendees at the event, making it clear who has already arrived. The best part? Registration is free, and you only pay a fee for the powerful tool.

Start optimizing your event registration today. Simply fill out the registration form and experience the benefits of Fancee’s Registration tool. Saving time, working efficiently, and organizing professional events has never been easier.

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Happy Clients

For our annual Training Event for Beauty Consultants linked to our new Dior women’s fragrance J’adore l’Or Parfum, we were looking for a tool that would allow us to easily invite our Beauty Consultants to various workshops, so they could indicate when and at what time they wanted to participate. We were greatly assisted by the Fancee team. Truly a great booking tool and the service was superb! They thought along with us and are definitely recommended for our future events.

More than just Ticketing

Buying tickets is just one of the many components you as an organizer have to deal with. We understand that more is needed than just a ticket shop to offer your visitors a unique experience. Are you looking for ways to improve your user experience? Please reach out to us. We are happy to brainstorm with you.