Discover The Evolution of Tibbaa into Fancee – The Next-Generation Ticketing Platform.

Tibbaa started in a small attic room and has since evolved into a full-service ticket provider with personal account and marketing support, an extensive dashboard, and a smart mobile sales application. Over the years, as data became increasingly important and mobile phones became indispensable, this led to the development of ticketing, applications, and data products, along with a corresponding new name.

Tibbaa to fancee

Gradually, Fancee is evolving and emerging as the next-generation ticketing platform. While we will always cherish our roots with Tibbaa and continue to serve all our existing clients, there will come a time when we hope all our clients transition to Fancee. We recognize and respect that change does not happen overnight, and we will not rush you into making the switch. However, we do encourage you to explore Fancee and give it the chance to impress.

Why Fancee Instead of Tibbaa?

Shakespeare once asked, ‘What’s in a name?’ This sentiment rings true for us. While Tibbaa has made its mark in various countries, we have observed that the name does not resonate as strongly in some regions. This realization led us to a rebranding decision. ‘Fancee’ is a phonetic blend of ‘FAN’ and ‘SEE’. Our mission is to help you pinpoint your fan base and ensure your events are a hit, allowing you to concentrate on your passion: organizing festivals, events, and other gatherings.

Intrigued by Fancee?

Are you ready to be part of Fancee’s journey and unlock the future of ticketing?